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  1. Passion Ignited

    By Todd Davis – Owner of Davis Outdoor Adventures

    I like to think everyone has a dream. Something you think about every day. That passion that drives you, you make plans to achieve it and set goals to accomplish it. An obsession that can get out of control, that gets you up early and keeps you up late. The hope that sparks a fire that burns from deep inside that convinces you this dream can become reality. Those who achieve their goal do so with a tenacity from within that will not let themselves settle for a lesser, achievable goal. For me, living a life that does not fulfill my passion seems pointless or defeating. Of course, my passion is hunting, archery, and the outdoors. My wife would prefer I have a passion for yard work or remodeling, but after 34 years together she picks her battles. Which is another way of saying she blackmails me between the end of spring turkey season and opening day of deer season. I have learned a little blackmail today is not a bad thing if I can spend more time in the woods tomorrow.


    So what are you passionate about? What gets you up early or keeps you up late? For so many of us, years of working 10 hours in a cubicle for five days a week have sucked the life right out of us. After a while, we begin to think there has to be more to life than this. My mind often wonders back to a time when I had passion; days and nights were spent planning, organizing, and preparing for my next camping, fishing, or hunting trip. Back then my passion drove me and not my job. I woke up one day and realized my family doesn’t even know I love to hunt! Maybe it’s time we get reacquainted with our passion. Rekindle that old flame and share those memories from the days long ago when we had passion with our family. Maybe it’s time we made new ones!


    There was a point in my life when I just could not live another day of just going through the motions. I prayed that God would show me how to live up to His plan for me. I soon realized that God’s challenge for me involved chasing my passion for the outdoors; after all, He wove this passion into all the things that make Todd. I accepted the challenge to live out loud and outside. I moved my family from the suburbs to the country west of Ft Worth. We now see lightning bugs, a sky full of stars, and even deer in the back yard. We may not have a mall around the corner or restaurant down the street, but we can walk outside and pee when we want. (I actually did that in town too, but I don’t worry about neighbors now.) So what gets you fired up? Much like God challenged me; I challenge you to do a little soul searching and dare to ask God to help you live a life pursuing your passion. You will never regret it!